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Medical Waste Generators: Beware

It’s your reputation on the line We’ve all heard that expression that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. And it definitely applies to choosing a medical waste provider for your organization. Proper disposal of medical waste is crucial to protecting the community and the environment. Organizations that violate OSHA, FDA…
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Holiday Travel?

Tips for safe sharps storage & disposal During the holiday season, more people travel than most times of the year. And for those who require sharps for medical purposes, this can pose some challenges. If you’re traveling and need to bring sharps with you, it’s important that you store them safely and dispose of them…
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Choosing a Medical Waste Provider

Key factors for selecting your partner As a medical facility that provides any sort of health-related care or treatments, partnering with a medical waste provider that you can trust is a priority—it can mean the difference between compliance with state and federal regulations and the risk of hefty fines and losses for non-compliance. Here are…
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Surgery Center Medical Waste

What your Team needs to know Just like any other medical facility, surgery centers generate a lot of medical waste and are required to follow federal and state regulations for disposal. Ensuring that everyone on your staff is well trained is key to protecting their safety and remaining compliant. Here are some top considerations: Types…
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At home health test kits—hazardous medical waste?

Best practices & tips for safe disposal Today, it’s easier than ever to manage your health and test for certain conditions and diseases in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Whether you’re testing your cholesterol, your glucose, for pregnancy, for HIV or even certain DNA tests, there’s a kit available from most local…
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Old Medicine Bottles: Are they hazardous?

Best practices for safe disposal If you take prescription medicine or even over the counter medicines on a daily basis, like many people you likely have an abundance of empty pill bottles and other similar containers piling up. But is it ok to toss them in the trash or the recycling bin? Can they pose…
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Medical Waste in school clinics

Keeping students & staff safe All schools, from elementary through university have a clinic or infirmary on site, there to provide care for ill or injured students and to administer certain medications and treatments. Because of this, these facilities produce waste, including expired medications and medication containers, sharps, gauze and other bandaging items and more.…
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Back-To-School Equals Back-To-Germs

Preventing illness It happens every year. The summer flies by without a hitch, kids play outside, enjoy camps, beach days and long lazy afternoons by the pool, without so much as a sneeze. But then, within just a few days of school starting up, they get off the school bus with a fever, stuffy nose,…
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Florida’s toxic algae—Are you at risk?

What you need to know to protect yourself & your family It’s been all over the news and if you live in Florida, it’s likely you’ve even seen it with your own eyes, the mucky, green slime that is swirling around in the waterways and washing up onshore. It not only looks ominous and gives…
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The Dangers of Mosquitoes

What you need to know to keep your family & pets safe If you’re like many other Americans, summer is the time of year when you and your family and friends like to get outside—whether it’s hitting the beach, swimming in the pool, barbecuing or hanging out in the yard. But the Centers for Disease…
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