Preventing Medical Waste Contamination

A closeup image of medical syringes, tubes and packaging.

Mitigate The Risks By Following These Steps Healthcare facilities and related organizations around the world generate medical waste that unlike any other type of waste, must be properly disposed of. Medical Waste, by its very nature, can be dangerous to society, the environment and wildlife because it can contain infectious pathogens, bacteria, viruses and parasites.…

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What Must Be Recorded on OSHA Injury & Illness Reports?

Three OSHA paper forms displayed on a tan background.

What Employers Need To Know To Remain Compliant In addition to understanding and following all the regulations related to medical waste storage and disposal and workplace safety, businesses must abide by OSHA mandates when it comes to reporting illnesses and injuries that occur at the workplace. According to OSHA standard 29 CFR Part 1904, employers…

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Sharps Safety In Florida Universities

A professor asking questions in front of a class where student are eagerly raising their hands to answer.

How Educational Institutions Can Promote Safe Disposal School is back in session across Florida and with that comes the need to ensure that students, faculty and staff who need to use injectables for medication have a safe resource for disposal. Millions of people use sharps for self-medication of a variety of medical conditions including diabetes,…

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Florida Hospitals:
Best Practices for Compliance

A cartoon-style graphic showing the word "Compliance" inside of a cloud shape surrounded by colorful symbols representing various components of compliance like governance, standards, policies, etc

Implement These Key Steps Hospitals, just like every other medical organization, must have a compliance program in place to avoid regulatory violations which often result in hefty fines, a decrease in patient satisfaction and blows to their bottom line. Here’s a quick guide on the best practices for promoting compliance in your Florida hospital. 1.…

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Best Practices for Disposing of Infectious Waste

Infectious garbage in biohazard specimen bag is being thrown into the red infectious waste bin by a gloved hand.

Proper Handling & Disposal Are Essential Medical facilities around the United States must adhere to state and federal regulations when it comes to handling, storage and disposal of infectious waste in order to prevent the spread of infection and to remain compliant. Following the recommended best practices is crucial to avoid violation and possible fines.…

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Are You Ready for an OSHA Inspection?

The title page for an OSHA document is shown on a clipboard that is sitting on a desk surface.

What to Expect & How to Be Prepared Because it’s common for an inspection to take place without any advanced notice, it’s crucial to remain in compliance with OSHA regulations at all times. Understanding and enforcing the mandates set forth for the healthcare industry is key– and it can only help ensure that when an…

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What is Pathological Waste?

A graphic icon showing a scalpel severing an organ to portray pathological waste

And How to Dispose of It Properly Understanding and being able to properly identify different types of medical waste is crucial for all healthcare facilities. It’s an important part of the process of safe handling, storage and disposal and key to ensuring compliance. Pathological waste is one category of medical waste that can sometimes be…

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What Are the Effects of Medical Waste Pollution?

Medication vials are spilling out onto the ground from a torn trash bag.

And How You Can Help Prevent Them Medical waste that’s improperly disposed of can have dangerous effects on the environment, community and all of its inhabitants, humans and animals alike. Medical professionals are tasked with understanding these effects and how to prevent them. Health Risks Medical waste can carry microorganisms that can in turn spread…

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How to Safely Dispose of Sharps at Home

Multiple medical syringes splayed out in a semi-circular pattern on a dark yellow background

Steps To Take To Prevent Injury & Illness If you’re one of the millions of people who need to use sharps and other similar materials at home for medical reasons, it’s important to understand how to safely dispose of them. Improper disposal of needles, lancets and sharps can result in illness and injury and pose…

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Grow Room Waste

A gloved hand is supporting the leaf of a cannabis plant.

How to Properly Dispose of It As states across the country continue to legalize marijuana, both medical and recreational, cannabis businesses are tasked with understanding the local laws and federal mandates to ensure they are in compliance, as well as to protect people and the environment from any risks associated with accidental exposure. Here’s a…

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