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Medical Marijuana: Proper disposal

What you need to know

Medical marijuana is legal in Florida and many other states throughout the country.

Doctors and medical providers are prescribing it to treat a host of conditions including chronic pain, cancer, mental and emotional conditions and more. According to research, it will soon become one of the biggest pharmaceutical segments and as such, will be regulated more closely. As a healthcare professional who prescribes medical marijuana to patients, a marijuana dispensary or a consumer who is using it to manage a medical condition, it’s vital that you treat it just as you do any other drugs and follow the proper protocol for disposal.

Cannabis: A controlled substance

Just as you take extra care to dispose of controlled substances, the same goes for medical marijuana. Unused or expired cannabis can still contain residual THC which could pose a risk to others, animals and the environment if accidental exposure occurs. In addition, just like other prescription drugs, there are state and federal regulations that must be understood and adhered to to ensure you remain compliant.

Spill and leak-proof waste containers

One way to avoid accidental exposure is to collect unused or expired medical marijuana in a waste receptacle that can be securely shut. If you are a medical provider, it’s best to lock the container or place it in a location that has limited access and is only available to those with proper clearance.

Partner with a trusted medical waste disposal provider

As medical marijuana becomes more and more popular, many medical waste disposal companies will begin to offer services to their clients. For the patient, finding a company that allows for secure drop-off of unused items is also a safe choice. The most important consideration is that medications are not just thrown away in the regular trash.

Get the facts to avoid fines

As medical marijuana takes its place among the many other medications used to help people with painful and chronic conditions, providers, dispensaries, and patients need to learn the facts. Improper use and disposal of this class of medication can be just as detrimental as other pharmaceuticals and because of this, it’s crucial to follow guidelines.

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Dawn Connelly

Dawn is the vice president of All Points Medical Waste. All Points Medical Waste is a family-owned and operated medical waste disposal and compliance company that has been serving the Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches, and surrounding areas since 1994.
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