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Do medical waste laws apply to MedSpas?

How to ensure compliance

Med Spas are all the rage all across America. They combine the pampering of a spa or salon with today’s latest cosmetic procedures. People of all ages are relishing the convenience of a variety of options designed to enhance their appearance without having to undergo surgery. From Botox and Juvederm for removing lines and wrinkles, to laser hair removal, freezing fat cells, permanent makeup and more—these facilities provide a variety of medical/cosmetic services that involve very little, if any downtime. But because MedSpas are performing medical procedures, they generate medical waste and therefore, need to be aware of and in compliance with state and federal laws.

MedSpas fall under the same category as medical facilities

In much the same way that physician offices, treatment centers, surgery centers and even hospitals are required to understand and comply with medical waste regulations, MedSpas must do the same. Physicians, nurses and estheticians are required to follow the requirements mandated by both local and state agencies as well as OSHA, the FDA and other federal organizations.

Medical waste laws apply

MedSpas need to be aware of the mandates when it comes to the handling and disposal of sharps. Clinicians and staff members must be trained on the risks associated with sharps and comply with facility procedures.

  • Sharps must only be disposed of in an approved sharps container
  • Sharps containers must be puncture and leak-proof
  • Sharps containers must be located properly and not in high-traffic areas
  • Sharps containers must be emptied before reaching fill-line and must always remain closed and locked

MedSpa injectables are pharmaceutical waste

Botox, Dysport, Juvederm and other injectables are considered pharmaceutical waste and therefore must be disposed of according to regulations. After procedures are performed, sharps, vials and other items that were used can contain traces of the filler or injectable. To remain compliant, these items must not be thrown into the regular trash or a recycling bin. They should be treated as medical waste and disposed of properly.

Partner with a reliable, experienced waste disposal provider

One of the most important aspects of medical waste disposal for your MedSpa is to choose a provider that is experienced and reliable. Partnering with the right company ensures that you not only have your medical waste picked up on regular basis, but also that your facility will remain compliant. Your waste disposal provider should offer online compliance training and give you the peace of mind that all of your medical waste is being transported and disposed of properly and safely.

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