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How do I dispose of injection needles for my dog?

Safe disposal guidelines

Just like humans, pets can be diagnosed with certain conditions that require medication through injections. Many pet owners may choose to have their veterinarian administer the medication. However, there are those who prefer to take care of it on their own. Today, many dogs and cats require daily insulin injections and other types of medicine to treat diabetes, allergies and other conditions—which means their owners are faced with disposing of sharps and other items safely. Proper disposal is not only important to preventing injury, it’s also necessary to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. Take a look:

What’s the danger of throwing used sharps and syringes in the trash?

Firstly, throwing used needles and syringes into the regular trash can pose a risk of accidental sticks and pricks. If this occurs, it could expose the victim to traces of insulin or other medications as well as bodily fluids, pathogens and other possibly infectious organisms that can cause illness, injury or death. Throwing used sharps, vials and syringes into the trash can also endanger the environment and wildlife.

Where do I dispose of used sharps and vials?

In many cases, you may be able to bring used needles and other items back to your veterinarian’s office. They have the FDA approved sharps containers to store them until they are picked up by a licensed medical waste disposal company. You can also make your own sharps container using a hard plastic jug. One that has a lid that locks and that is puncture and leak proof. An empty detergent container is often a good choice. If you choose to take this step, it’s crucial that you never overfill it or leave the lid off. Once filled, you must take it to a medical waste disposal facility or to your veterinarian’s office to dispose it. Although this may seem like an easy choice, if you have small children you may want to opt for bringing them back to your vet.

We all love our pets as they are part of the family. If you are administering medications to your dogs or cats using sharps, be sure you’re disposing of them properly. This prevents accidental exposure, injury or illness to others and the environment.

Talk to us at All Points Medical Waste to learn more about safe disposal of sharps, medications, medical devices and more. We provide medical waste disposal services to physician offices, veterinarians, clinics, hospitals, treatment and surgery centers, dental offices and tattoo parlors, among others.


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