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Do you have hazardous materials in your home?

Household items you should never throw in the trash

All of us have items in our homes that we never think twice about throwing away, but in reality there are numerous, everyday items that can be hazardous to people, animals and the environment if disposed of in your trash. Take a look: 


Old and unwanted electronics now make up a large portion of our nation’s waste. It’s estimated that Americans discard approximately 44 pounds of electronic waste per person each year. This includes cell phones, mobile devices, computer equipment and similar items. But in addition to posing a security risk (because your devices contain personal information that hackers know how to access), these items have heavy metals and toxic substances that are also dangerous for the environment.  To discard old devices, including laptops, hard drives, cell phones and mobile devices, have them destroyed permanently by a shredding and destruction company.


Batteries are one item that most people have in their homes and it’s likely that you’ve thrown some away without realizing their risk potential. But batteries can contain toxic chemicals including lithium, cadmium, sulfuric acid and lead which can leach into the soil and contaminate ground waters. Because of this, they should never be disposed of in the regular trash. The safe solution for old batteries is to inquire with your local waste management company to find a drop off location.

Paints & stains

Many household paints and stains are made of chemicals like fungicides, toxic solvents, biocides and other dangerous materials. Never pour left over paint or stains down the drain or put into the regular trash. Depending on the type of paint, the risks associated with disposal vary. To ensure you are properly disposing of these items, inquire about household hazardous waste drop-off events in your city.


Leftover or expired medications can be poisonous to children, pets and dangerous to the environment if thrown into the regular trash or flushed down a toilet. Speak to your pharmacist or doctor about returning unused medications to a medical waste provider to ensure safe disposal. 

Sharps & needles

Many people use needles and sharps to administer medication at home. These items can pose a risk to people who may get accidently pricked or stuck if they are placed in the trash. They can also injure sanitation workers. FDA approved sharps containers are a safe way to discard used sharps and your doctor and/or pharmacy can also advise you on the safest way to dispose of them.

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Dawn Connelly

Dawn is the vice president of All Points Medical Waste. All Points Medical Waste is a family-owned and operated medical waste disposal and compliance company that has been serving the Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches, and surrounding areas since 1994.
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