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Sharps Safety In Florida Universities

How Educational Institutions Can Promote Safe Disposal

School is back in session across Florida and with that comes the need to ensure that students, faculty and staff who need to use injectables for medication have a safe resource for disposal. Millions of people use sharps for self-medication of a variety of medical conditions including diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and others. Universities, colleges and other educational organizations can promote safety for everyone by ensuring they provide industry approved sharps disposal containers throughout their campuses.

Sharps Containers in Restrooms

Educational institutions can ensure that those who need to medicate are able to dispose of sharps safely. By installing sharps containers in restrooms throughout campus, schools not only offer a safe and convenient option for disposal, but also ensure that custodial staff are protected against injuries that result from needles and similar items thrown in the regular trash. Sharps containers must be FDA approved, have a locking lid and never be overfilled.

Regular Pick Up of Sharps Waste

In addition to providing FDA approved sharps containers in restrooms, schools should partner with a medical waste disposal provider for regular pick-ups of sharps waste. Sharps containers must be picked up on a regular basis to ensure they are never overfilled which would likely result in needles being thrown away into the regular trash bins.

Mail-back Programs

Some medical waste disposal companies offer mail-back programs that educational institutions can utilize to dispose of sharps. Mail-back programs provide a mailing container and pre-printed label with instructions. These programs are a convenient alternative to traditional medical waste pick-up and depending on the size of the institution, can help manage waste easily. 

All Points Medical Waste Serves Educational Institutions

All Points Medical Waste provides full service medical waste disposal to schools and universities across Florida. We can help you protect your students, staff and faculty against the risks of improper disposal of sharps. Our services include both mail-back and pick ups and we are happy to work with you on a schedule that suits your specific needs. Give us a call today or complete the form on this page to get a quick quote.

Dawn Connelly

Dawn is the vice president of All Points Medical Waste. All Points Medical Waste is a family-owned and operated medical waste disposal and compliance company that has been serving the Treasure Coast, Palm Beaches, and surrounding areas since 1994.
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